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Co-mod needed!

Hi everyone,

Well, school has overtaken me this semester, and it should be the only thing I am focusing on, at least for now. But I don't want to leave this community vacant!

As a result, I would like to open up applications for a co-mod! I'm looking for someone who could take over moderation of the community on a temporary basis - until sometime in December. After that, if you are interested, we could share moderation responsibilities after I return.

To be clear, you would be required to create an icon contest that is probably, but not necessarily, Christian themed once every two weeks. These challenges consist of photographs around a central theme, lyrics from a song, scriptures, or some combination. Of course, you could be welcome to think outside this box, too. A few days later, post the entries for voting, tabulate the votes and announce winners.

No prior moderation experience is required, but some basic knowledge of html would be good unless you use a table generator.

If you are interested, please comment on this post telling why you are interested and prior moderator experience, if any. Comments will be screened. I thought taking applications would be more fair than giving it to the first person who responded since I know some people check livejournal more regularly than others.

Please submit the application by noon, central standard time, November 6, 2010.

Thank you so much and please feel free to ask any questions!
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Hi everyone, I'm just here to apologize that we don't have a new challenge. I really hate to let things hang like this but my laptop is currently dead, and secondly I'm trying to finish my Master's degree... if I don't decide very soon that I can still take care of this community, I'll open applications for a co-mod, which I may do anyway.
Thanks for your patience and don't worry, this community isn't dead, it's just on a breather. Affirming Faith is still very much in my thoughts.